Pagan Thinkythoughts: It All Ties Together

I’ve read a lot lately in blogs that are purportedly general lifestyle stuff, but with a distinct Christian twist, and I find myself wondering why there isn’t something like this for the Pagan community/ies. It isn’t possible that every moment of everyone’s day is caught up in spiritual stuff. Sure, it’s important to think about what you do in service to the gods, but I belong to Brighid, a goddess of (among other things) hearth and home. That means that there’s no way to untangle the spiritual from the mundane, and that cooking dinner and clipping grocery coupons are as much a part of my religion as any complicated ritual. My quilts are also for her, loosely associated with her healing mantle. Working with Aengus, associated with love, whose childhood was complicated like mine, means that the work of learning to love myself and feel good in my own skin is part of the spiritual work, and my interest in fashion leads there. My dealings with the Morrigan in terms of sovereignty lead me in a direction of social justice, which also loops back around to Brighid in her aspect of Brig Ambue.

If you’re living your life in a way that lines up with what you believe, your mundane life IS spiritual. There’s more to living your religion than ritual and lore. If that’s what you’re up to writing about, great, but I think we need more pagan writers who talk about what it means to live day to day in acknowledgement of the sacred. Not everyone is called to be a priest. To be fair, no matter how pretty your altar is or how much time you spend in ritual, you still have to wash clothes and eat dinner and walk the dogs.  By combining my various blog projects into this one, I hope to be able to talk more about what it means to have a religious life, but still have A Life. Because you can’t really extricate the two from each other.


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