Wearing the trend: Orange lipstick


I was at the Chanel counter in Belk at Northlake today, and the artist working (if you’re local, go see Lauren–she’s awesome!) talked me into trying on an orange lipstick that I probably wouldn’t have thought to try on my own. It worked great on me, so I thought I’d pass on to you how to recreate this look at home. (Please excuse the pictures; my hair’s a wreck from the rain we’ve been having, and since everyone’s out of town for the holiday, I’m on selfie duty.)

Start with a face that’s washed, moisturized, and primed. Yes, you need primer; I used Lancome La Base Pro. For myself, I always have an issue with undereye circles, so I took a concealer (I went really cheap with it this time, with e.l.f Essential Tone Correcting Concealer in Ivory, $1) and applied it under my eyes in a triangular shape. This makes it blend much more naturally than if you follow the curve of the circles.

2014-04-19 23.13.18

After blending that, I applied a layer of liquid foundation. Nobody’s face is all one color; if you want to do some contouring, feel free to do more than one shade of foundation, but I’m putting on bronzer in a later step, so I skipped that. I used Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation in Classic Ivory.

2014-04-19 23.20.03

Next, I loaded a powder bronzer (Wet’n’Wild ColorIcon in Bikini Party) onto a big round brush, tapped off the excess, and swept it onto my cheeks and up onto my temples in a C motion.  I turned my head in the next picture so you can kind of see what I mean. You want most of it concentrated on your cheeks, but you do want it to extend further up.  (God, I hate that picture, though. It makes me look so masculine!)

2014-04-19 23.21.39

After lining my lips with a nude pencil (match your liner to the natural color of your lips, not to your lipstick; I used Jordana Easyliner in Tawny) and filling in, I then applied a coat of orange lipstick. The one I tried on at the Chanel counter was Rouge Allure in Incandescente; I didn’t have $35 to cough up for a lipstick at the time, so for now I’m making do with Wet’n’Wild Megalast in Purty Persimmon. I’m definitely going back at some point to get the Chanel, though, because it lasted much longer and felt a lot better on.


2014-04-19 23.22.59

At this point, I filled in my brows just a bit with a taupe pencil, but you could also use a wax-based eyebrow filler. You usually want to go a shade lighter than you think you need on your eyebrows, because it goes on darker than it looks. Since I was going for a brighter lip color than I usually wear, I decided to go fairly subtle with my eyes. I took a chocolate brown pencil and lined the waterlines (inside the lash lines) and put a matte nude eyeshadow from lash line to browbone. I used a slightly darker taupe shadow on my eyelids, then used a lighter shade at the browbone for a highlight. Curled lashes and black mascara finished it off.

2014-04-19 23.32.07

I think I’m going to end up wearing this look pretty often this spring. I didn’t think I could wear orange, but I like how it plays with the reddish tones I’ve been wearing in my hair lately.


One thought on “Wearing the trend: Orange lipstick

  1. Hi. While searching for day 5’s assignment, I came across your comment on The Daily Post from day 4. I like your blog! I am definitely following this with interest. I may even bug you with questions some time.


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