A few of my favorite things

I thought that since I don’t have a super-substantial post for today, that I’d give you a few of my favorite pieces, just for inspiration. These are all available at reasonable prices (if not the individual piece pictured, then a reasonable substitute) and look and feel fantastic on.

My absolute favorite jeans, even beating out the Michael by Michael Kors bootcut jeans that my mother gave me, are Old Navy’s Sweetheart boot cut. They’re flattering, durable, and incredibly comfortable. I’ve purchased probably six pairs of this cut over the past three years. I like to get the dark rinse, because a dark jean can be dressed up or down, for day or night, and still look fantastic. And they’re under $30 a pair! Quick tip: if you’re going to wear jeans or other pants with heels, that’s going to require a longer inseam than if you were wearing them with flats. No matter what type of shoe you’re in, a pant should break right at the top of your foot, so if you wear a regular length, get a long/tall size to wear with heels.

Old Navy Sweetheart Jean

Right now studded ballerina flats are having a moment, so they’re everywhere, from $19.99 at Target to $500+ for Saint Laurent. (I feel old when I have to stop myself from typing Yves Saint Laurent.) This is another piece that’s super versatile. Just bear in mind that when they call these shoes flats, they’re not kidding, and you might want some extra cushioning.

Black studded ballerina flats

The little black dress is a classic for a reason, and it’s another item you can find at any price range. The one pictured below is an extremely expensive MaxMara number; I got mine at Cato two years ago, on sale for $25, and it has the same neckline, same length, same stretch jersey fabric, and I already had a skinny belt that would work with it. (Personally, though, I have a wide black elastic belt that I like better with it.) The thing is that you want one that hits *just* above the knee on you. Not so short that you can’t sit down without mooning the room, but if it hits at or below the knee, you’ve got a horizontal line in a less-than-flattering place, and that makes your legs look shorter than they are.

Black stretch jersey sheath

Nine West makes fantastic purses. Their synthetic ones don’t last forever (synthetic just doesn’t), but if you catch them on sale, they’re cheap enough that you can replace them every year if you need to. And the leather bags are fantastic at their price point. As of the time of writing, the bag pictured below is on sale for less than $40 at ninewest.com, and a good tote is a very valuable thing to have. Plus, I love the color!

Nine West tote


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get really great pieces. Good basics will carry you a long way. Just remember that if you don’t love it, you don’t need it, and that even if you do end up with something you don’t like, you still have options. The absolute worst case scenario is that you’ll have to return it, and any salesperson worth dealing understands that these things happen. Just don’t wear it, wash it, or take the tags off until you’re sure you want to keep it, and keep your receipt. You’ll be fine!


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