Update on the baby quilt project

Wow. People’s generosity never ceases to amaze me. I had intended to put pictures with this post, but I’m out of camera batteries at the moment, and even with a good cellphone, camera pics just don’t do it justice.

Since I put out the call for quilting materials, people have come through in a big way. The lovely Bianca sent me a box CRAMMED full of fabric this week, as well as ordering me a crib batting and thread from Connecting Threads. Jack has sent me a queen-size batting, which is enough to do 4-6 baby quilts. Cindy sent me a jelly roll that’s going to be at least two baby quilts, one of which I’ve got about half done. Nay sent me a fat quarter bundle that, once I put it with the background fabric, is going to yield about 6 baby quilts. Melissa sent me some fabric, and even more exciting is that she used a laser printer and made me a cutting guide based on the Twister/Li’l Twister concept.

Y’all are amazing, and I’m so grateful for the help to continue this project. Thank you so much.

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