Priorities, and what’s wrong with the pagan community

When I posted about the quilts I’m making for the infants whose families can’t afford baby blankets, my blog got 8 hits. When I talked about the need to specialize and to pick an area in the world where one can actively make a difference, I got 15. Yesterday, I angered a handful of well-known pagan bloggers by saying that a group of college atheists pulling a silly stunt by making a “god graveyard” wasn’t really that big a deal. I got 109 hits. This says something important about our community, that I really was hoping others who’ve observed the same phenomenon were mistaken about.

Getting attention and blathering about theology and how everyone’s out to get us is worth more in this community than doing real work. It doesn’t matter who you’re helping; if there’s not a drama llama to be fed, people are going to move on. Why? Why is the idea of what pseudocelebrity is up in arms because SOMEONE DARES DISAGREE more important than providing blankets to babies who have none?

I challenge you, Sannion. I challenge you, Sufenas Virius Lupus. I challenge you, Galina Krasskova.   I challenge every single person who’s bitching about how horrible I and others like me are for not taking offense at the shocking idea that atheists don’t believe in living gods. (It’s almost as if the word “atheist” meant something! Imagine that!) Do something, anything, to make the world better, instead of wringing your hands and wanking on about your own piety and everyone else’s lack thereof.  Clothe someone who’s cold. Feed someone who’s hungry. Volunteer in a low-income school. Help a struggling single mother get a job.  Then come criticize me for having better things to do than whining about how everyone’s out to get the pagan community. I challenge you to use your name recognition to get behind something real. Not a website, not a book, but a real impact in people’s day-to-day livesBecause if you’re not doing something that actually helps people, then what real work are you doing? What purpose do you serve in the world?


9 thoughts on “Priorities, and what’s wrong with the pagan community

    1. What’s sad to me is that we don’t have to miss it. Community and charity are built on the actions of people, you know? But we all have the power to change it. I say it a lot, and the people around me get tired of hearing it, but it’s true. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.


      1. Mmm… and one something at a time. Right now for me that something is getting a house in order… after that the goal is to see if I can’t gather local allies. Online allies are great… but local allies are so much more useful for getting work done.

        Probably I’m going to be beset by people who take offense to what I’m trying to do in various forms and then I’m actually going to have to deal with them in person but… *shrugs*. Can’t show those people I’m not out to kidnap their children and kill their cats if I don’t give them a chance to accuse me of it first I guess.


      2. As I’ve found out the past couple of days, there’s always going to be someone offended. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind,” as Dr. Seuss said.


  1. I love this post, I really do. I think I’ve said similar things before (maybe in my mind, maybe to a friend, maybe on my blog). A while ago, there was a woman who was killed in Syria for being pagan. No one talks about that. Instead, they talk about (in my community at least), how, oh no, people are worshiping Marvel Loki. The PCP debate spoke over the woman killed for worshiping her Gods. I don’t hear everything. What else have these debates destroyed? What else are we missing? In line with the constant “venerate your Ancestors” that I hear: they have a saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” They don’t want me spending hours in front of their altar. They want recognition, yes, and conversation, but they really, -really- want me to go out and live. To help others. To do what they can’t. I feel the same from my Gods, too.

    And that makes me sad, to hear, that other bloggers get the same treatment. Since posting my atheism post, I have received so many follows and likes. More than my normal posts make. No wonder bloggers work in drama. We’re taught to love it. We like being popular and we like getting those little “likes” and follows. Yay, I’m special… Right…. I’m just fulfilling what the viewers want. It reminds me of the news. TV news, in particular. They want drama and scandals and fear. To be heard, to be popular, to feel good, we give into that, even if we don’t realize what we’re doing, it’s innate. We get popularity through drama.

    But what about the stuff that matters?


    1. The fact that we’re having the conversation, that it’s actually coming up about the difference between the melody and the noise, makes me feel better. It can’t be a bad thing that we’re discussing, for once, the real issues going on in the world. It’s refreshing to see someone else paying attention to real concerns and not getting bogged down in the distractions, because that’s all the drama is. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Faith is about the work, not about the wank.

      I totally get what you’re saying about the explosion of popularity whenever there’s drama. I’ve had more blog traffic in the past three days than I got in the whole previous year.


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