The Kerfuffle of the Month; or, Seriously, Dude, Lighten Up!

So apparently some atheist group at a university (i.e., a bunch of college kids) put up a “god graveyard.” And people are losing their shit over it. The idea is that apparently certain gods (which many pagans still worship) are “dead,” and that they’re asking Christians to think about whether their god is next. So in an attempt to be obnoxious-in-college-kid-fashion to the Christians, they’ve managed to evoke lots of hand-wringing and pearl-clutching from certain quarters in the pagan community.

My thing is, big frakking deal. So a group of college kids got together and did something slightly obnoxious. It’s not that big a deal. It’s a silly college stunt, and all of us did silly things in our late teens and early twenties. It’s part of life at an age when one’s brain isn’t fully developed. We live in a world where people who work full time still run out of groceries halfway through a paycheck, where women don’t leave their abusive partners because they think there’s nowhere to go, where rape and murder and violence are on the news every. Single. Day. And yet pieces of paper with pictures on them are what people are getting angry about. Nobody’s hurting us by having a dissenting opinion. Nobody’s making us agree with them. That’s the thing about living in a country with freedom of religion and freedom of speech: everyone has the right to believe whatever they like, whether it’s factually accurate or (as in the case of the “dead gods”) completely off base, and everyone has the right to express their belief or nonbelief, whether it annoys someone else or not.

And you know what? These are college kids. Their brains are still in the stage of development where dorm food and frat parties sound like good ideas. They will outgrow it and forget that they were ever that immature, as those blogging about how terrible they are have already done for themselves. They haven’t done any of the things to which the blogger compared their actions in the comments–assault, theft, rape, murder, etc. They stuck some signs up, and if you think that compares, then you’ve obviously never been raped, beaten, robbed, or had your life threatened. Can we get some realistic perspective, please?

And these are gods they’re talking about. Immortal beings that have lived for millenia, if not for eternity. It just stands to reason that they would understand that in the broad scheme of things, 18-22 years is not a long time to have lived, and one can’t expect the wisdom of adulthood from people who are barely, if at all, old enough to drink. That’s *why* they’re not old enough to drink. 

If people would just stop taking themselves So. Very. Seriously. for two minutes and think about it, it’s actually kind of funny to see the group of young atheists calling attention to the gods by putting up images of them. It’s almost like accidental worship. I can picture my gods laughing at the silliness that mortals do before we mature, much like I do with my kittens.

I don’t think it’s arrogance for me to say that I really don’t think the gods are all that bothered. I think it’s realistic, considering that there’s a whole universe out there with a lot bigger problems. Like people who think all or at least most atheists are militantly ignorant jerks, without bothering to look in a mirror.

2 thoughts on “The Kerfuffle of the Month; or, Seriously, Dude, Lighten Up!

  1. The place where I get fussed about the thing is the one where the gods of non-European religions are classed as “dead” because the millions of people who revere them are close enough to nobody to count, since they’re brown and all. And that’s… there are plenty more important bits of pernicious casual racism to be agitated about, so it can’t muster a lot of specific ire.


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