Well, I’m back.

2013 has been a hell of a ride, so far. I’ve been promoted to assistant manager and moved out of the frying pan, misogyny-wise, into the fire, in a much lower-volume store managed by an ex-Marine who thinks it’s funny to joke about hitting me. He tries, most of the time, but he’s lived a life so steeped in male privilege that he really thinks he’s entitled and that he’s being nice. So, bless his heart.

School has hit a wall, hard, courtesy of running out of money. Definitely a priority to finish, but meanwhile, so is eating. So between that and the work environment, I’m looking for another job, but nothing has turned up yet.

But I’ve learned a lot this year. And I’ve had some great adventures in tarot–picked up another copy of the Shadowscapes, bought and gave away the Fenestra (which was NOT FOR ME in a big way–it was so wrong that when I handled it, my hands felt dirty, but my friend Brandon gave it a good home), and have become a lot stronger reader. So like the song says, there’s beauty in the breakdown.