It isn’t impossible that I’m knitting a ranch house

The quote, if you didn’t recognize it, is from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I knitted for years before giving it up back in 2005, and I’ve tried to go back to it, but the magic just wasn’t there. I didn’t care. That happens to me from time to time with creative pursuits, that I run out of steam and leave them alone for a while, but I’d never had a craft that I loved the way I loved knitting back in the day, and I’d never backed as far off a craft as I did from knitting when I stopped. This week, for whatever reason, I’m back at it full steam. I’ve got three projects on the needles, including a sock that was making fantastic progress until I tried it on and realized my stitch count was WAY off. Socks make me a little crazy, but I love the finished product. I’ve also started on a lace scarf for Mom, but I’m going to have to get different needles for it, because the clear acrylic needles from Hobby Lobby that I used to like when I was flying all the time aren’t made the way they were years ago, and I hate them. Ah, obsession, I missed you.




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