The fan club of the gods: or, why being godbothered is different from bothering the gods

I’ve said it before, kids.  Worship doesn’t come with training wheels. Especially in dealing with the Celtic pantheon, if you need handholding and constant reassurance that you’re worthy, you’re not ready to do the work.

I talk a lot about being godbothered, because my gods have made it very clear that they’ve got Important Assignments for me. This isn’t an equal relationship; I work for them, not the other way around. But let’s be real for a minute. If I don’t believe I’m competent to do the work, there’s no reason I should feel entitled to take it on.  If I went to my gods with, “I’m not worthy,” they’d want to know why I was wasting their time, before tossing me out on my ass with instructions to come back when I AM worthy to take on the job. The reason the gods have Important Assignments for me is that they’ve got even bigger things to do themselves. I don’t kid myself; just because the things they want me doing are high-level tasks in my own life doesn’t mean they aren’t giving me the unskilled work so that they can handle the important jobs themselves. My primary devotion is to Brighid, to the extent that I belong to her. When I met her, though, it wasn’t a social introduction. I went looking for the divine in my life, and she didn’t ask me to be hers for life–that came later. It was “do the work.” Years later, I still struggle to meet her expectations, because there’s a side of me that’s just flat-out lazy, and I struggle with it every day. But here’s the important part: It’s not SUPPOSED to be easy. I know how I am. If it were easy, I’d half-ass it and call it good enough. But the easy part, the warm-fuzzy feelings about the gods…that doesn’t matter. They don’t need a fan club. They’re too busy to be constantly over my shoulder, telling me every little thing about my life. They teach me, but not at a kindergarten level. I’m fully capable of putting in the effort to do a little learning on my own, and they expect that of me. I’m the roadie, not the groupie. Chop wood, carry water.

5 thoughts on “The fan club of the gods: or, why being godbothered is different from bothering the gods

  1. (Finally managing to catch up on blogs!)

    My Celt has been known to refer to Brighid as “The goddess of exceptionally high expectations.”


      1. Brighid kicked him in the head. Knocked him flat on his ass, apparently. (It was before I knew him.) Everyone else in the ritual circle was very “Who was that masked goddess?” about it.


      2. Heh. Sounds about right. Just because she’s capable of subtlety doesn’t mean she can’t be EXTREMELY direct when the need arises. I get migraines when I start letting The Work slip or ignoring it.


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