A Moment of Cute

Tall Dude and Furball

I took the little guy to the vet today to get his health certificate to fly back to the states. (Long, depressing story. Short version: I came down here on a job transfer that didn’t go through, and wasn’t able to get another job before the money ran out.) I meant to take the bus that stops right outside the vet’s office, but the VITran schedule is all messed up. The schedule said that bus would pass at 9:45, and my vet appointment was a little after 10, so it would have worked out great. I got there at 9:20, just to be safe, and found out that it had left at 9. So I took the bus as far as Pueblo and walked the half mile or so to Five Corners, where the vet’s office is. Then after the appointment, once I walked back up to Pueblo, I was hot, exhausted, and though I didn’t realize it until I got home, sunburned. So I went to hang out at the office with Nick while Imbas and I cooled off. Naturally, as soon as he heard Nick, Imbas started meowing to be let out of the carrier. He was less than thrilled, though, when Nick turned him around so that I could get a picture of the two of them.


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