Catching up, and a personal rant

It’s been months since I’ve posted here, and so much has happened. I’m back in the States, have had time to cool off, and have realized that I made a huge mistake by leaving the VI. So when my next financial aid check comes (gods willing, that’s going to be in the next six weeks or so) I’m transferring back to the store where I worked before, and flying back.

I’ve also stopped eating meat, (mostly) stopped smoking, and learned that the Celtic side of my heritage isn’t enough for my spirituality. It connects me to my gods, but something has to connect me to the earth itself. So I’m learning to incorporate my Cherokee roots into my spirituality as well, and I’ve found that for me, the two mesh rather well. I take too much of a holistic approach to my faith to compartmentalize it the way many people do, so that rules out the traditional Druid groups for me–I’m not sometimes-Druid and sometimes-Native-American-inspired-neoshaman. (I use the term “neoshaman” to differentiate between the term “shaman,” which incorrectly equates Native American practice with shamanism proper, a practice specific to certain nomadic groups in Siberia, and the concept that popular culture tends to incorrectly label as shamanic, which involves a connection with the spirit world and with the spirits of the earth, which is what is involved in my practice. That way my teeth won’t itch from the anthropological inaccuracy.) I’m always me, rolling my own. And that’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it.

Also, I’m transferring in the spring to an online fine art program. Despite my grandmother’s insistence that art is a “god-given talent” that I don’t have, it’s something I’ve loved all my life, and if I never get a job in my field, that’s fine. If I’m going to waste years of my life on a degree I’ll never use, though, I want it to be in something that makes me happy.

So now for the rant. My coworkers are on my last damn nerve today. I’m the only woman in the store, and if the fact that they stick me with all the cleaning on a regular basis (and the new store manager informed me the other day that it’s BECAUSE I’m a woman–discrimination much?) weren’t bad enough, the boys’-club mentality has me ready to scream. With the exception of the guy who pulled 60 hours last week, I’m outselling all of them, and yet there are snide comments being made about the men having to “babysit” me. There have been remarks made about how I’d better watch out, since if I get written up, I won’t get my transfer. That puzzles me, because if they dislike me and want me gone, should they really be trying to get themselves stuck with me for an extra six months? I’m about ready to take a ruler to work with me–if the boys are that concerned about whose is bigger, maybe they can take a quick measurement and settle the question, and then we can all get back to doing our jobs like adults.

One Card Weekends will be back this week, but I probably won’t get it posted before midnight. So don’t be mad at me if the timestamp says Monday.

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